Comic 41 - Fanart (Q&A in comments)

24th Dec 2018, 12:34 AM
Fanart (Q&A  in comments)
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ShaRose49 24th Dec 2018, 12:34 AM edit delete
This is also drawn by my youngest sister! And it’s also my first Fanart of Kairo!! He’ll be back as soon as Chapter 2 starts.
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JuicyGrey 24th Dec 2018, 12:42 AM edit delete reply
You are bit impatient fella...

Also aren't questions kinda supposed be answered after 28th, but before chapter 2?...
ShaRose49 24th Dec 2018, 12:45 AM edit delete reply
Sorry. I was just making sure people knew. I’ll delete those. I definitely wasn’t trying to be impatient I just thought I was supposed to keep letting people know. I don’t really care if there isn’t a lot of questions

Well I’m gonna have to have one page of chapter 2 up at least, for Stan Lee cameo day
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