Chapter: Chapter 2 Page: Aaah You Said It!!

17th May 2019, 4:16 AM

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Aaah You Said It!!

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Author Notes

17th May 2019, 4:16 AM Ahhh, nice to be back to the hard brushes!

Kairo doesn’t know how “mutant culture” works, and considering that these days you can get in trouble for calling an African a “black person,” he thinks he’s screwed up here. (He definitely hasn’t though).

We’ll explain their powers and maybe get to the demonstration next page!


17th May 2019, 9:50 AM Naaaaaaaah that's not racist buddy you're fine.
Racism is hating someone for having a skin color different from yours. I don't see no hate here :)
17th May 2019, 2:22 PM Of course he’s not actually racist lol. He’s just afraid of being seen that way I guess
17th May 2019, 12:07 PM If your that sensitive about being racist. That probably means your not a racist.
17th May 2019, 2:23 PM You can say that again.
17th May 2019, 6:28 PM Haha I love your Kairo internal dialogue and reactions, he’s a great complex character :)

Great angles and shots here too btw, feels like an anime! I wonder if theres more to Kats solar powers unrevealed yet huh
18th May 2019, 12:18 AM That’s so cool that you think it’s like an anime, ‘cause I freakin’ LOVE a whole bunch of anime’s right now. And I’m glad you like Kairo, he’s kinda the audience-insert character I think.

I wonder...; )
17th May 2019, 8:46 PM I mean, it doesn't really explain the yellow. If her powers work by absorbing solar energy, she should be a dark non-shiny blue instead.
18th May 2019, 12:14 AM So maaaybe I didn’t do my research on this one very well...but Kat’s supposed to be full of sunlight...which is kinda yellow, right?? XD
13th Feb 2020, 7:44 PM late to the party, but considering that I drew Huckleberry with yellow, fruit-like skin because he's supposed to absorb sunlight like the plant person he is, I think you're fine. as far as comic book science goes, this is rather tame.

of course, black is the color that absorbs the most sunlight, but it also doesn't emit any visible light back. if Kat is supposed to glow, then she emits some light, and yellow is associated with the sun, so why not.

(yes, I love examining superpowers and their effects like a huge nerd. now where's my no-prize?)
13th Feb 2020, 11:58 PM Thanks for this! Haha yeah comic book science is the best kind of science. Kat is supposed to be slightly glowing all the time, like if the lights went out we’d be able to see her just fine.

Your prize invisible hug! <3<3<3
17th May 2019, 10:22 PM You draw great feet and shoes, I've noticed through out your comic. It's like a trademark of yours
18th May 2019, 12:19 AM Thank you!! That means all that tedious shoe-drawing and reference finding was worth it! I think I do have a tendency to draw feet too small though...
18th May 2019, 2:49 PM ha, last panel xD I feel so sorry for him xDDDD
18th May 2019, 3:15 PM Haha, don’t worry, he’ll be alright.
29th Feb 2020, 1:27 AM Ooooh, ha ha, well, he didn't mean to! Anyone can goof once...
29th Feb 2020, 1:39 AM Haha, I’m sure it’s not as big a deal as he thinks it is in this case.
7th Apr 2020, 4:22 AM I'm gonna guess that Kat's gonna brush it off no problem.
7th Apr 2020, 10:57 AM Ding ding ding!!!

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