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We meet Kairo, the Double-Agent.

Kat and Evan

We meet Kat, a solar-powered super-mutant with a prosthetic leg, and her adopted brother (and biological cousin) Evan, who is a super-mutant with blue eyes and has intangibility among other things. They stop a mugging on their way home from a rare outing, and their father Derek finally signs them up for training with the Secret Police so the kids can use their powers freely and not have to hide anymore.

Kairo's New Job

Kairo is on a field mission for the Secret Police (and Xan) and is angry when he sees another field agent use unnecessary violence. Later, Kairo is approached by the Chief to train the new recruits, Kat and Evan. Kairo accepts, and is quickly introduced. He accidentally startles a very nervous Evan, which momentarily causes Evan to be stuck in a strange defensive trance. Kat's voice snaps him out of it. (Note: Evan has a brief flashback about his mother's murder, and Kat explains her unique physiology).

A Sister’s Brother and a Mother’s Son.

Kairo trains with Kat, and confronts her on her emotional nature and low endurance. This makes Kat a little too determined to prove him wrong, and accidentally sends him flying across the room with the newly discovered ability to coat her fists in explosive energy. Kairo suffers a minor concussion, but holds no grudge against the distraught Kat, and decides with Yoshi to keep the incident from public knowledge for the kid's safety. (Note: Kairo describes the kids to Xan, and reluctantly agrees to bring him DNA samples and a photo of them for his next mission).

Part of the Circle

(MILD SPOILER WARNING) Kairo continues to train the kids, and finds Evan to be somehwat hostile towards him because of the currently dangerous climate for young super-mutants. Kat is injured from overusing her abilities, and has a conversation with Kairo about life and faith. Kairo finally manages to break through Evan's hard exterior when he shares with him a little about his own past trauma and similar mother-son like relationship he had with his sister Sara. Evan encourages Kairo to call Sara and talk to her since he hasn't in many years. (Note: Drew tells Kairo what happened to Evan's mother, and about the Markus family's strange way of dealing with it).

Christmas Special 2022

Kairo DOES NOT spend Christmas in total misery