Chapter: A Sister’s Brother and a Mother’s Son.
Page: Don’t Call Me Sir

11th Jan 2020, 5:00 PM

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Don’t Call Me Sir

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Author Notes

11th Jan 2020, 5:00 PM Aaand we’re back in the real world.

(Guess even Uncle Kairo doesn’t like to be yelled at)


11th Jan 2020, 6:53 PM Really like the dialogue here! Looks like Kat's getting a bit frustrated with this no powers training, which makes sense since she expects to use her powers in the field. I wonder what Kairo is planning with all of this hmmm
11th Jan 2020, 7:04 PM Thank you!

Maybe she’s not so upset bout not using her powers so much as she’s upset that he (seemingly) hasn’t trained her whatsoever. Maybe she’s taking this program for granted a bit
12th Jan 2020, 12:17 AM Ahhh that makes sense!
12th Jan 2020, 4:11 AM Evan standing back there looking ready to take Kairo down depending on what he says next... XD
12th Jan 2020, 6:58 AM Haha yeah, I guess Kairo better watch out XD
12th Jan 2020, 10:32 AM I love Kairo here <3. Patiently and quietly assessing the situation with Kat here..probably about to earn some respect! :3
12th Jan 2020, 11:54 AM Your darn right! <3
15th Jan 2020, 2:08 PM Ah snap, sounds like he's going to yell..
Seriously, I tensed up when he said
"And you know what you've shown me so far?"
15th Jan 2020, 4:00 PM My siblings guessed that he was gonna yell “NOTHING!” next page, lol. I’m not spoiling it but I will say that Kairo is a very self-controlled dude but he can be quite intimidating when he needs to be, like how he raised his eyebrow here