Chapter: A Sister’s Brother and a Mother’s Son.
Page: True Colours

14th Mar 2020, 6:00 PM

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True Colours

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Author Notes

14th Mar 2020, 6:00 PM Flaaaaashbaaaaaaack

Kat’s a very genuine person, so pretending she’s a different colour or hiding her powers can be really hard for her.

I had a lot of fun working on a different background for once!! Yaaaay I can’t wait to get out of this training room lol. I guess we’ll be seeing it often enough though since they’re training and all, but it’s not like this is gonna be the only setting in the story.

And oh yeah here’s a little bit of the gender-bent art I’ve been screwing around with over the weekend


15th Mar 2020, 10:51 AM Oh man I really like this page! Especially the last two panels they're poignant but also inspiring in a way since it's showing how resolve Kat is here. I was just thinking about the Mulan movie for some reason and the last panel reminds me of some of the themes, hopefully she never has to hide again :)

Those gender bend pics are fantastic XD
15th Mar 2020, 11:14 AM Thanks that’s so cool, yeah it will be awesome when Kat doesn’t have to hide from anyone and can use her powers in helpful ways. And yeah I like the Mulan movie, though I haven’t seen the remake.

Haha lol, their names may or may not be Wakizashi, Eva, and Kiri.
15th Mar 2020, 12:22 PM Didn't think about this before - how long would it even take to apply a different colored skin O_O

In a way I can actually relate because I'm very pale so I've been very insecure about my skin 'color' (thankfully I've gotten over it mostly by now).
15th Mar 2020, 12:59 PM Probably a while, even with tattoo concealer. Most likely she’d just do her hands, face, and neck and then wear a long-sleeved shirt or something. This would be a pain to have to do IMHO.

Aw... :’( yeah, I can relate in some ways, but not so much with my skin colour as to how I just look in general. But I find it’s best to just accept yourself the way you really are and to try to see the beauty that is uniquely yours. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything to make yourself look attractive or anything but you don’t want to be hiding behind a mask either. But it’s still hard for sure. I’m so glad you’ve mostly gotten over it! I think I’ve gotten a little bit better too :)
15th Mar 2020, 6:53 PM Good job on both the main page and the bonus pages. Always think gender-bent art is an interesting conceptual experiment for creators to do with their characters.
15th Mar 2020, 7:09 PM Thank you! Yeah it’s super interesting and fun to screw around with
16th Mar 2020, 10:28 AM I almost forgot about all this make-up... the old comic book disguise (trench coat, hat, shades) could have been a cheaper if not totally stealthy way to hide, haha. anyway, hopefully those times are behind her now.
18th Mar 2020, 11:43 AM That would be so funny XD now I really wanna see Kat in a Trenchcoat and hat like Raphael did in 1990

Yeah here’s hoping!