Chapter: A Sister’s Brother and a Mother’s Son.
Page: No Going Back

21st Mar 2020, 6:00 PM

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No Going Back

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Author Notes

21st Mar 2020, 6:00 PM Looks like Kairo’s plan is working XD maybe a little too well.

How is everyone doing, what with all this flippin’ virus craziness? I’m doing alright, a few of my family members have small colds, and my sister’s fiancée’s last year of school isn’t just moved to online—it’s cancelled, so he’s really bummed about that. Otherwise, we’re doing fine, thank the Lord :) I hope this all blows over sooner than later.


21st Mar 2020, 10:25 PM Think fast, Kat! Sneeze on him!
21st Mar 2020, 11:07 PM Omgoodness, that might just work in 2020!!
22nd Mar 2020, 12:53 AM I like Kairo and all but I'm really rooting for Kat to pull a win now xD. That determined look in panel one is ace! Actually the flow and expressions are so organic here nice work :)

Being in a clinch isn't fun, perhaps that frustration will translate to some sort of breakthrough hmm
22nd Mar 2020, 9:44 AM Hey thanks! And yeah, Kairo is awesome but I love to root for the underdog.

Maybe, hmm...
22nd Mar 2020, 5:19 AM Whoa, that first panel makes me think Trellian could manipulate Kat into joining him... That's scary XD
22nd Mar 2020, 9:48 AM Because of her desperation? I like to think that Kat would sooner sacrifice her freedom than work for someone like Trellian, but I could see Trellian being able to easily trick her into joining him maybe since she’s so naïve.

If Kat was in Sean and Bailey I think she’d totally wield the Light Element, since she is able to manipulate solid light and glow and stuff. Wait I forgot that people can wield more than one element, so maybe she’d also wield the Lightning Element? Aw YEAH
22nd Mar 2020, 11:27 PM It seems like this will involve Kat trying every tactic she possible can until she beats Kairo, ultimately making it a match of attrition. Hope she has more stamina.
23rd Mar 2020, 9:59 AM Yeah, something like that, though I think it’s obvious that Kairo is holding back. He’s purposely not hurting her, just shaking her up, helping her understand that giving up is a luxury she can’t afford.

Of course if superpowers were involved it’d be a different story lol ;)
20th Oct 2020, 7:21 PM I haven't been mentioning this as much as I should, but these poses and muscles and cloth all look so good! Bravo!
21st Oct 2020, 11:41 AM Thank you so much! All my brother’s posing for photos and stuff really helped!