Chapter: A Sister’s Brother and a Mother’s Son.
Page: Oof.

28th Mar 2020, 6:00 PM

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Author Notes

28th Mar 2020, 6:00 PM “Just like that? Are we done here? Do I pass? C’mon, let’s go once more, I swear I have more in me!”

It’s honestly kind of hard for me to not spoil things, like I blabber all the time and don’t even realize I said too much until I see everyone with mouths open and it’s like ...”shoot.”
The climax of this scene is coming after the next page, and then soon we’ll move on to a different setting. I can’t wait, and I’ll do my bestest to draw it well. Thanks for reading you guys!! UwU


28th Mar 2020, 6:02 PM Ohh dang I know how you feel about spoiling things it's so hard XD. This is such a great page love the angle and perspective in the last panel!

I hope Kat gets another chance somehow, she wants this pretty bad D:
28th Mar 2020, 6:58 PM Oh yeah XD and thanks, I really like how this page turned out.

Haha we’ll see what happens but I wouldn’t be too worried, this story would be pretty boring if Kat didn’t get to do anything.
28th Mar 2020, 7:14 PM Haha true, and honestly the characters are so great I wouldn't mind reading them just talking in a coffee shop XD

But true that would be unfortunate if she had to go back home!
28th Mar 2020, 9:38 PM Awwww that just made my day!! Thank you, I bet it would be funny to see them in a coffe shop, (and it might be a nice change of pace lol).
28th Mar 2020, 7:11 PM Is Kat getting an atomic noogie in panel 2?
28th Mar 2020, 9:45 PM Haha it who wouldn’t wanna give that green head a noogie? Lol naw, I’m just kinda bad at drawing a strong grip, he’s got her really locked in there.
29th Mar 2020, 3:58 AM I have no idea whether Kairo approves or disapproves... which is a good thing. Keeps things unpredictable :)

And yes not spoiling things is hard. Sometimes a reader will get really close to guessing what will happen, and then you're like "uhhhh can't say anything without giving away whether it's true or false X_X"

(Still love getting those comments though. It's just replying to them that's hard :P)
29th Mar 2020, 10:19 AM Yeah his response is a little ambiguous isn’t it?

And oh yeah, I feel ya! But those comments show you how smart and how engaged the readers are!
29th Mar 2020, 2:41 PM aw, just when I was getting used to the training room setting. on the other hand... yay, plot progression! XD

also I think I have the opposite problem. I tend to sound way too mysterious when talking about new-ish events or characters.
29th Mar 2020, 3:32 PM Haha don’t worry, even though the setting is changing for a bit soon, a lot of the comic (part 1 anyways) is gonna take place in the training room or in other rooms at SP HQ.

And that’s cool too, sometimes I wish I was like that!