Chapter: A Sister’s Brother and a Mother’s Son.
Page: Selling Intel

1st Aug 2020, 6:00 PM

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Selling Intel

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Author Notes

1st Aug 2020, 6:00 PM All he needs is a fluffy cat he can stroke. X) The colours in this scene are much more muted than in the previous one, I noticed recently.

Sunstrike and Bluemist turned 2 years old on Comic Fury July 28th by the way! Thanks so much guys for reading and for chatting with me in the comments, you’ve been so amazing and kind. XOXO 😘🤗

Note: the next page is scheduled for the first Sunday of September, it’s still once a month updates right now.


1st Aug 2020, 6:24 PM I think the muted colours are good here, it matches the mood of the scene.
*strokes invisible cat*

Ok so, I've had this thought ever since you introduced this guy. Logically, my brain knows that his name is Xan and is pronounced like "Zan" and it's a cool edgy name and all. But where I grew up, Xan ("Shan") is like... a country kid name. The name of a guy who probably lives with his grandma in an aldea and has a vegetable garden. (There was a Xan in my class in elementary school and he uh... didn't usually use all of his braincells x'D)
So in my mind it's like meeting this edgy villain guy and then learning that his name is [insert strong country twang here]Johnny x'D

I hope that doesn't come off as disrespectful, I just found it kind of funny (and apparently I need to get over my mental bias of that name) x'D
In all seriousness though he's a pretty cool villain! He looks like he will cause a lot of trouble hohoho
1st Aug 2020, 7:10 PM Haha! 😽

In all honesty, I never put much thought into the name, I just wanted a name that sounded foreign and a little scary X’D no worries if it sounds funny to you.

And that’s a cool fun fact (also not disrespectful at all!) I’ve always pronounced it Xan (zAWn) but I didn’t know that there was a “Shan” version of it lol. Unfortunately, this Xan might be using more of his brain cells than most people. According to my little brother, he is the smartest character in this comic. *shrugs*

Thanks! I’m glad you can already see him as a formidable antagonist, I mean I know I haven’t been shy about telling people that he’s gonna be the villain of this story, but he’s also not exactly the kind of guy who will go out of his way to let people know how awful he is X)
1st Aug 2020, 7:23 PM I realized later that it might've sounded like I was making fun of your name choice, which wasn't my intention. Pronouncing it like "Zawn" does make it sound cooler! xD
(Where I used to live, Xan (or Xoán) is the regional version of "John")

Haha! Well, your brother must be right! xD
And yeah, he looks like he's got some plans up his sleeve! (edit: Xan, not your brother lol)
(also his arm is cool)
1st Aug 2020, 7:55 PM Whoah that is cool to know! And don’t worry, I didn’t feel like you were making fun. Plus even if you were, I’m sure this guy more than deserves it X’D

Haha, thanks so much! (Also I sent you a private message last night in case you missed it).
2nd Aug 2020, 3:47 PM Haha! xD ok then x'D
(and oop I think I missed it, I'll go check now)
2nd Aug 2020, 4:36 AM If I didn't know already I would not have guessed that this guy would become "THE" villain.

But now that I do know, I'm interested to see how his true colours will come to light and what his plans are. Villains are so fun to write!
2nd Aug 2020, 7:12 AM Haha, just shows how well I can keep my mouth shut about some things XD

I’m so excited as well, I can’t wait for it all to play out!
2nd Aug 2020, 10:10 AM Congratulations on two years!
2nd Aug 2020, 10:17 AM Thank yooouu!! Your reading and kind comments are much appreciated!
2nd Aug 2020, 7:10 PM Happy 2 year anniversary =D . It's been an honor reading and commenting too!

Haha, I'm working on an art of him, maybe he should be stroking a cat. I love his arm and design :D, and how unsuspecting he is here. I wouldn't be able to tell he's a big villain and that already makes him interesting, can't wait to see what he'll do in the future!
2nd Aug 2020, 9:00 PM And having readers like you and chatting with fellow creators is an honour as well, thank you so much!

Aww, that’s so cool! UwU I’m glad his arm design turned out okay, design is hard lol.

Whether or not he’s a “big villain” depends on your definition, so I guess everyone can decide what he really is as the story plays out!
3rd Aug 2020, 9:03 AM what is it about prosthetic, metal-like hands that makes people look ominous? XD even good guys like Edward Elric get some "dreadfulness" from such designs...

also congrats on two years!
3rd Aug 2020, 10:24 AM Haha, there’s a name I haven’t heard in awhile. Prosthetic arms/hands definitely don’t always equal “bad guy” but I will say that in this case the ominous vibe the design of the arm gives off is completely intentional.

Thanks man!! <3
6th Aug 2020, 12:42 AM Happy 2 year anniversary! Your comic is really fun to read. Really lookin' forward to the future pages ^_^
6th Aug 2020, 8:11 AM Aw I’m so glad, thank you for reading! Thanks also for your comments, I’m excited too! I’ve got another page slowly in the works to add to the buffer.
10th Aug 2020, 1:30 PM Ooh, I like Julia's character design.
10th Aug 2020, 1:47 PM Yeah, I like her too—thanks! She’s kinda based off this young mother I talked to at Disneyland once.
11th Aug 2020, 8:07 AM Haha that's cool!
13th Aug 2020, 3:21 PM ok, caught up! how did I miss this comic for TWO YEARS!?!?!

too late now, ShaRose, you're stuck with me
13th Aug 2020, 4:02 PM HA! I am happy to be stuck ;D

No worries man! And I am glad you found the comic when you did, thank you so much for reading all that, and for your comments—interacting with readers is the most fun part! <333
5th Sep 2020, 10:13 PM Like the noises the prosthetic hand makes, it seems a lot rougher than Kat’s leg
5th Sep 2020, 10:17 PM You’re probably right! I think Kat’s leg is a lot more streamlined and smooth—a very different texture than Xan’s arm. Hers is probably more lightweight too.