Chapter: Part of the Circle
Page: No More Apologies

30th Jan 2021, 3:00 PM

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No More Apologies

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Author Notes

30th Jan 2021, 3:00 PM This comic is brought to you in part by my patrons, @Sovember and @Livin4theLamb! And readers like you <3 Thank you!
(I watched PBS as a kid and every once I awhile it’s still on in my house)

Man it’s nice to be drawing colourful backgrounds again, Xan’s gloomy place was getting old, so gray!
I’m gonna ask a few basic questions which you guys can answer if you want, it’s to help me make this chapter as good as I can! (I already started making longer pages with more panels, to hopefully make the every-other-week updates more satisfying)!

Is there anything you’re looking forward to in this chapter? What was your favourite thing about the last chapter? What was your least favourite?


30th Jan 2021, 3:15 PM Kairo is definitely a glutton for punishment.
30th Jan 2021, 4:50 PM That’s not a bad description haha ;3
30th Jan 2021, 4:05 PM Good start to the chapter. I'm already pretty sure I'm gonna get what I'm expecting with this chapter, which is Kairo bonding with the kids, Yosh too...

Is emodoption a word? I think it's a word!
30th Jan 2021, 4:54 PM Haha we shall see eh?

That should totally be a slang word at least!!
30th Jan 2021, 8:38 PM Woo were back :D Thanks for the "PBS" shout XD, happy to support!

Haha I'll echo that Kairo is definitely brave to continue after that, hmm the glowing fists are cool. now im interested to see what Kat can develop from this
30th Jan 2021, 8:52 PM You’re awesome man!! *high fives*

Well Kairo’s had worse injuries in the past lol, but he is a brave one...or maybe he’s so tough he just doesn’t mind the odd concussion lol XD I’ll bet the hazard pay is nice too!

Same, I can’t wait to develop her abilities further, I think they’re pretty fun :3
30th Jan 2021, 10:38 PM Based on your works in progress that you've posted on the forum, I'm expecting Kat to discover more of her powers, and that people's expectations for her are going to be increased. Perhaps Kairo will see that this girl isn't going to be just another glorified mascot.

As for the last chapter, my favorite thing was the artwork and the cool action poses. Your comic is always a visual treat. My least favorite thing? Maybe I would've liked to see more from the characters besides Kat and Kairo. If you're looking for constructive criticism, there were a few times when the pacing felt a little off too, but it wasn't a major problem, just something that could be tweaked a little.

Just a few thoughts. Given how much work you put into it, I'm sure this'll be a good chapter!
31st Jan 2021, 8:26 AM Oooooh! ;3

Aw, thank you so much! Yeah, It’s too bad Ev wasn’t in the last chapter much - and I think overall he is focused on less in this episode than the other two characters, possibly because he’s currently by nature a mysterious character - but I certainly don’t see him as unimportant to the story, and we will definitely see more of him and learn more about him this chapter and in others. (And in future non-origin episodes, he will be very important, plus new characters will keep coming eventually). I’m sure there’s areas I could improve in for writing Evan and the other characters though, there’s always more to learn :3

Ah, my old enemy - pacing! XD lol. Thanks so much for the feedback, that’s something I can definitely try to keep in mind. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you have any specific suggestions with how to improve pacing and such.
I think the last chapter may have felt slow because most of it was just showing about an hour’s time passing in the comic X’D this chapter will cover a lot more time than that, and it will have a bit of a montage-feel to it.
31st Jan 2021, 3:59 AM How do you even accidentally hit yourself with a pan XD

Looking forward to seeing the characers' relationships develop, building off of the previous chapter. I feel like they already did a little bonding there and that was fun.
31st Jan 2021, 10:59 AM When you stand on your tip-toes to reach one on a high shelf, and then you wobble XD

Thank you! I really enjoy writing relationships and character/family dynamics, so I'm really looking forward to this too :D
31st Jan 2021, 1:18 PM he used his frying pan
as a maiming pan
31st Jan 2021, 1:49 PM And then he kicked his can-OOF (just kidding)
1st Feb 2021, 10:04 AM Hahaha, I watched PBS, too! Good times, good times. I love how he's like, no apologies, we're moving on. Mark of a level-headed person if he or she doesn't keep track of what you've done wrong.
And personally I can't wait to see more of Kat's powers in action!
1st Feb 2021, 11:43 AM Yeah there are some good ones among those educational programs XD

And yes, totally - I'd say Kairo’s a pretty level-headed person, and I love people like that!

Me too! We’ll definitely learn more about them in this chapter :3