Chapter: Part of the Circle
Page: First Suspect

17th Jul 2021, 12:00 PM

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First Suspect

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Author Notes

17th Jul 2021, 12:00 PM And yet another page made with a borrowed iPad—it finally came back a few days after this upload was scheduled

What is Kairo supposed to say to that?

Also: You some of you noticed last update that S&B is a part of Spelledeg’s new thriller hub Ontenterhook. The jump ring-nav bar under the page has been updated too, and if you scroll it to the left you can see the other comics that are there so far too!


17th Jul 2021, 12:25 PM "I can't accuse you of anything at this point, but I'm watching you all the time."
"Curses! Foiled again!"
17th Jul 2021, 3:39 PM Yeah, Evan would be able to watch from quite a distance of he wanted, and he can see through walls…yikes, nowhere to run if he ever did try something shifty!
17th Jul 2021, 1:30 PM Yesss I love it when decent people (assuming Kairo is decent) learn secret truths. You can bet they'll do something about it eventually
17th Jul 2021, 3:42 PM I’d say that Kairo is quite decent in the way he treats people directly, yeah!

Right?? I guess we’ll find out :3
17th Jul 2021, 1:59 PM Beautiful page and angles! I always like top down shots.

I liked this exchange so far from Evan and Kairo, looks like he's coming closer to understanding Evan and again I'm surprised at how straight forward Evan can be when he wants to! Looks like he's looking out for his sister :)
17th Jul 2021, 3:45 PM Aw, thank you so much!!

Yeah, if there’s one thing Evan cares about, it’s making sure nothing happens to Nee-chan!
17th Jul 2021, 4:57 PM What a good bro 😭😭
17th Jul 2021, 5:32 PM He needs to hear that 😭😭 if he only he knew!
17th Jul 2021, 4:36 PM Well, considering Kat nearly killed him and Evan can go into defensive beast mode, I hope he's not dumb enough to try kidnapping them.
17th Jul 2021, 5:37 PM That would be quite a feat, huh? I’m sure Kairo isn’t planning anything of the sort
17th Jul 2021, 6:16 PM I suppose there is only one real way to convince Evan; Cairo gotta start finding these kidnappers. Or maybe Evan will learn to read minds too and see who is trustworthy, but that seems like another can of worms. Imagine a superhero with that kind of ability.
17th Jul 2021, 7:37 PM Both interesting theories!
17th Jul 2021, 9:04 PM Now that I think about it, there's a term for these kinds of mind reading people; Force users.