Chapter: Christmas Special 2022
Page: Invitation

19th Dec 2022, 9:45 PM

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Author Notes

19th Dec 2022, 9:45 PM I wanna thank all of you for your patience with me! I'm still not finished TAP Vol 1 yet, but I'm hoping to in the new year. I wanted to make you something for Christmas as a thank you for how much yall care for this story and it's characters. That's a truly wonderful thing that I don't take lightly!

Will I finish his four page special BEFORE christmas?? Haha we'll see (KEEP ME MOTIVATED GUYS)


19th Dec 2022, 9:56 PM Interesting to see what they look like in black and white! Only six days till Christmas! I guess if you produce a new one every two days, you can finish it on Christmas day. You can do it!
19th Dec 2022, 10:01 PM WILL DO MY BEST haha
19th Dec 2022, 9:57 PM Something tells me Kat isn't gonna take no for an answer. Christmas cheer WILL be spread.

It's great to see a lil' side story with these peeps. As you know, I was just thinking about this comic today, so what a nice surprise!
19th Dec 2022, 10:01 PM One way or another!

I'm so glad! I get to give a gift to you too <3
19th Dec 2022, 10:26 PM Evan does not want Christmas company xD
19th Dec 2022, 10:28 PM Stranger danger Kairo danger
19th Dec 2022, 10:29 PM Whoa, S+B update? What year is this? Kat is outnumbered 2-1 on votes here, let's see if she overrides democracy within the next 3 pages.
19th Dec 2022, 10:31 PM Thanks for waiting! Lol yes we shall see :3
20th Dec 2022, 12:15 AM A new S & B! What a nice surprise! It's also nice not having to worry about Evan bending his knees backwards like a bird :O
20th Dec 2022, 8:38 AM Right? I was getting tired of that Q&A page just sitting there XD
20th Dec 2022, 4:58 AM Yayy it's been a while!

At first glance I thought Kairo was holding a banana peel in the 3rd panel XD
20th Dec 2022, 8:39 AM Omg X”D I think it’s supposed to be a lanyard for his car keys lmao. Not like I drew it very carefully tho
20th Dec 2022, 10:38 AM Good to see you return. I wonder if Kat will ask Kairo to bring a dish?
20th Dec 2022, 11:05 AM Good to be here, thanks! <3

Lol THIS is why Kairo doesn’t wanna come X”D
20th Dec 2022, 9:32 PM Always good to take stock of who matters to you, even if it takes a designated time of year to do it. Happy holidays.
20th Dec 2022, 11:13 PM Agreed! And thank you <3 to you as well!
24th Dec 2022, 7:26 PM Evan, hahaha. He's like Kat, stop being such an extrovert.
24th Dec 2022, 7:30 PM ONE HUNDRED PERCENT X”D