Chapter: Kairo's New Job
Page: In Good Hands

21st Apr 2019, 8:05 AM

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In Good Hands

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Author Notes

21st Apr 2019, 8:05 AM It’s funny that I took a little break before Easter instead of after. HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY!

Hopefully my colours will be less random and more consistent as I continue to learn, but I also don’t want my palette to be too limited. That would be sad and boring.

It was great to finally give you a better look at Drew here, I didn’t even know he was this attractive until now, haha.


21st Apr 2019, 8:52 AM Hahaha xD Her reaction priceless :D
21st Apr 2019, 9:46 AM Aw, thank you! Heart eyes are always fun but she’s the only character who seems to be able to pull them off, on the other characters it would look wrong
21st Apr 2019, 2:33 PM Hmmm now I'm thinking about easter eggs decorated in your characters' colors :P
21st Apr 2019, 3:08 PM Haha I guess it is kind of Easter-coloured already, eh? That’s an awesome idea
21st Apr 2019, 4:29 PM Wait...Kat's in love with the Katana, not Drew...right??
21st Apr 2019, 4:37 PM Geez Louise of course she’s in love with the Katana!!! I’m so sorry if that wasn’t obvious!
21st Apr 2019, 8:19 PM Haha I love Kat’s expression too xD

I have a feeling she’ll be fine she’s pretty resilient. But who knows!
21st Apr 2019, 9:09 PM In the end, I’m sure she will be fine! She is pretty resilient I think
22nd Apr 2019, 2:46 PM Is this the first time Kat's ever seen her namesake up close?
22nd Apr 2019, 3:29 PM IRL? Oh yeah.
24th Apr 2019, 11:18 PM She does know that it's used to kill people, right? That might not have fully set in
24th Apr 2019, 11:26 PM She’s thinking more of the cartoony ninja swordplay here, but also may have some reverence for the dangerous thing it is. Don’t worry she doesn’t plan on killing anyone

It’s not that dangerous right now though, it hasn’t been sharpened in years
6th Apr 2020, 10:12 PM Priceless expression! lol.
7th Apr 2020, 4:52 AM Thanks man ;)
11th Oct 2021, 12:14 PM Oh look, your namesake!
11th Oct 2021, 1:55 PM Yep!