Chapter: Kairo's New Job
Page: Who? What?

24th Apr 2019, 11:09 PM

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Who? What?

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Author Notes

24th Apr 2019, 11:09 PM Gawking for four panels straight is one of Kat’s many talents. Sorry that this page is a little vague, we’ll find out who just walked in soon, and we’ll get an idea of why Evan’s so freaked next page.

Since this is a new room I’m free to play with new colours once again, going for a double-equal-opposite on the colour wheel scheme, trying to use more of the weaker colours and less of the stronger ones. Maybe I forgot to focus on which colours are in the background and which are in the foreground though...yeeesh I’ll learn one day. My little brother suddenly seems to have more of a desire to learn and is almost enthusiastically joining me in my endeavour to study colour theory. He makes me so proud, the little rascal. <3


24th Apr 2019, 11:45 PM Haha Kats gawking faces are just the best X)

Woah the plot thickens.Kairo doesn't seem to think this is good news!

e: also great coloring, I can see you experimenting paying off! Feels more cohesive if that makes sense?
25th Apr 2019, 2:43 AM Haha thanks, she’s fun to draw. And yes, maybe we’ll get some interesting conflict here.

Yeah I gotcha! I think my problem before was simply not knowing what colours looked good together and using a lot of different random ones—hopefully the pages will continue to look cohesive
25th Apr 2019, 6:16 PM I love her BIG anime eyes xD (first panel) xD
25th Apr 2019, 7:10 PM Thanks!
28th Feb 2020, 6:09 PM touch...the shinies!! XD

I feel her struggle (my alternative spirit animal is a raccoon.)
28th Feb 2020, 6:32 PM Haha lol, same energy here ;)
20th Oct 2020, 6:43 PM Haha, even the little shading on her nose below her eyes look like hearts in the first panel :D
21st Oct 2020, 11:01 AM Haha!