Chapter: Kairo's New Job
Page: The Recharger

25th May 2019, 2:36 PM

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The Recharger

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Author Notes

25th May 2019, 2:36 PM So we have another talky-talky page, geez. Sorry about it being so late, I had my first commission to do which was a challenge.

I’m probably gonna have to work on planning my pages better so I can fit all that text in, eh? Also, Kairo had nothing to worry about because if there’s one thing Kat’s not ashamed of, it’s her colourful self. (Most of the time ;)

Baby Kat’s pale and sick because of not having enough sunlight inside. Like she said, it was super difficult to maintain that healthy state on her own. I know this is all VERY science fiction-y and may not be very logical, but I’m just havin’ fun, yo! Like when Stan Lee invented the Hulk, he said “He turns into a monster because of gamma rays!” His co-worker asked how that worked, to which Stan replied: “I don’t know, but it sounds cool, doesn’t it?”


25th May 2019, 5:26 PM Huh, so was she born without a left leg, or did she lose it at an early age?
25th May 2019, 5:54 PM She was born without it, yeah.
20th Oct 2020, 6:52 PM Oh, that's interesting. Is there a reason for that?
21st Oct 2020, 11:18 AM Yep! It’s a pretty sad reason, one that will eventually be revealed. It’s something Kat is still very sad/angry about.
26th May 2019, 12:59 AM Kat always looks on the... bright side... of things... that wasn't supposed to be a pun. I appreciate how optimistic she is! She probably gets that pun a lot though.
26th May 2019, 7:39 AM Never apologize for puns!! They’re the best!

She’s a good egg : )
26th May 2019, 1:45 AM The work paid off this page looks great! I like your little Kat design a lot daww, and the way her powers work is really interesting and at the same time intuitive and appropriate for its nature.

Wonder if theres more layers to her bros powers
26th May 2019, 7:42 AM Thank you! That’s so cool!

There may very well be...; )
26th May 2019, 2:53 PM At least she'll be at home in Springfield with the Simpsons ;D
26th May 2019, 4:49 PM IKR?? I was recently joking about that with my sister
27th May 2019, 11:08 AM So how does sleeping work? Can she turn off her own light at will?
(I mean we did see her with "common" skin color in early pages sooo hmmm maybe idk)
27th May 2019, 11:20 AM On early pages she was wearing tattoo concealer to hide her skin colour XD

She can sleep but there’s always a little bit of light—she’s a glow worm lmao she can control how brightly she shines or how much heat she’s generating but she can’t shut the light off completely. If there’s no light she’s probably dead.
3rd Aug 2019, 7:13 PM So if she was dead (!) would she be colored like a standard dead light-skinned person, or what?
3rd Aug 2019, 7:52 PM Well her body changed with the mutation, so even if she was dead, she’d probably still look...different. Not yellow, but not necessarily just normal either.

Sorry this is a bit hard to explain ;)
12th Jun 2019, 2:30 AM Hmm...can she also recharge by standing in the sunlight? Like a plant? :) Maybe we'll find out later!
12th Jun 2019, 3:35 AM In the past, yes, but this was unpredictable. She needed something to help stabilize her absorbing, hence the machine.
28th Feb 2020, 6:35 PM These poor kids. Such struggles. But dang, Kat's taking it like a champ!
28th Feb 2020, 6:42 PM Well, she’s learned a lot about coping over the years, that’s for sure. Come to think of it, her energy-level problem reminds me of my dad’s sugar-level problems that he has to take a drug for, kinda like she needs a machine for hers. Solar diabetes? XDXDXD oh man I’d better stop with this thought
28th Feb 2020, 6:44 PM Yeah, I can see that. My mom's got type 2...but I knew a kid in school with type 1. We had to be mindful of that on our birthdays (back when kids took fresh baked treats to school XD I'm getting old.)
28th Feb 2020, 6:46 PM But still young at heart!! UwU

I’m not sure what type my dad has, I’d have to ask him
6th Apr 2020, 10:24 PM I would love to see an over-charged Kat with a glowing hairstyle like a super-saiyan...But that's just me!
7th Apr 2020, 4:59 AM If we ever see Kat like that it’d probably be like EVERYBODY GET DOWN
20th Oct 2020, 6:53 PM So here's a question, if she was completely out of energy, what color would her skin be?
21st Oct 2020, 11:16 AM A really lifeless colour, kinda like gray.
18th Feb 2021, 4:36 PM Stoner thoughts: I wonder what would happen if she knew about Superman's lore. They're both solar powered in a way.
18th Feb 2021, 4:58 PM Hmm that’s an interesting thought! I’m gonna assume that in this universe DC comics exists, so Kat’s probably not only heard of Superman but she’s likely read a few comics featuring the character. I’m sure she can relate!
18th Feb 2021, 5:15 PM If J.K. Rowling's books exist, I'm sure she'll understand the phrase "Yer a plant, Harry!"
18th Feb 2021, 6:40 PM Hah!  (ノ>▽<。)ノ
11th Oct 2021, 12:26 PM When you're dealing with a character like her, talking about energy regulation makes perfect sense. It's pretty logical considering the physics of it all.
11th Oct 2021, 2:02 PM Hey thanks!