Chapter: A Sister’s Brother and a Mother’s Son.
Page: The Next Day...

28th Sep 2019, 6:00 PM

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The Next Day...

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Author Notes

28th Sep 2019, 6:00 PM cArS aRe EaSy To DrAw

I’m also not the best at buildings right now. I honestly just prefer drawing characters, but hey, this is probably good for me to practice and learn to be less lazy with the setting.

So yes, we’re still in this training room, I’m sorry!! After this scene with Kat and Kai working some...stuff out, we’ll get to a different setting and get to meet a completely different character.


28th Sep 2019, 7:16 PM Ooo new setting incoming, wonder how Kat's convo with Kai will go. Nice establishing shot! Yeah backgrounds are a pain, whether you working with 3D models or not they take the most time! Looks good though imo.
28th Sep 2019, 7:27 PM Haha there might not be as much talking involved as you might think here :3

Thanks, I figured it was about time I showed you guys where the heck they were. And huh, I’ve never really thought of that but I guess it could be pretty hard to work with 3D models!
29th Sep 2019, 3:13 AM At least these cars could get away with being distant blobs :D
It's when you get up close (or worse, INSIDE the car) that it reeeeeally becomes a pain.
29th Sep 2019, 4:32 AM Aaaaaaaggh, I don’t wanna think about that. But you’re right, that does put things into perspective.
30th Sep 2019, 4:14 PM Oohh very curious to meet the new character!!!

Haha I don't envy u about the CAAARS X"D
1st Oct 2019, 1:30 PM I’m super excited to get to that part!

Aw no faiiirr, you don’t hafta draw any! XD